Our Services

Career Counseling: “What do I want to do in future?” – We guide students through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to their profile. We help students to choose the right career Pathway.

Course Selection: Personal guidance to help students to choose courses that perfectly fit their Career or Personal Goals.

University Selection: We assist students to select colleges and universities abroad. The advice is non-Commercial and is not limited to the Universities we represent. We strive to offer accurate and time saving admissions information.

Admission Formalities: Special attention to student’s application and highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We assist students with Statement of Purpose which is highly essential for admissions into overseas universities. We also send the profile of the student and outline the strengths of the student and reasons why THE STUDENT should be granted admission.

Visa Guidance: Error free visa guidance, direct liaison with concerned embassies, visa lodgment service using correct protocols & high level of ethics.

Value Added Services: Foreign Exchange Formalities, Pre-Departure Briefing and Training for settling into your new host country. Accommodation and Travel Arrangements, Post Arrival Problem Solving and assisting parents to ensure students are well settled abroad.


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