Study in Ireland


Study in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with green hills and pleasing climate and attracts many travelers from all over the world. County Kerry and Limerick are the most popular destinations in Ireland. Immigration laws of Ireland are different from other countries. People who wish to migrate, live, work and settle in Ireland should know the immigration laws to gain the benefits of migration.

There are different routes of migration to Ireland. Immigration norms for people from US and EU countries are different as compared to norms of non EU countries. Immigration for the purpose of work and family reunification are the two most demanded routes to Ireland. The requirements for these routes are different for foreign nationals and EU nationals. Before Ireland immigration it is advisable to check out the visa requirements for your country.

Study abroad at Ireland: top reasons to choose from
Ireland offers as one of the best of career oriented programs that Indian students can study there. After studying a degree course at Bachelors of Masters Level, students are eligible for one year Post Study Work Permit.

IT Industry

  • Ireland is one of the world largest experts of  Software
  • Ireland is the Internet Capital of Europe with substantial operation of Google, FaceBOOK , LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo etc.
  • The telecom Industry is an upcoming business in Ireland, investing Euros800 million every year on capital projects.

Bio and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • World’s largest net exporter of Pharmaceuticals
  • 2ndlargest exporter of medical devices in Europe
  • World’s top selling medicines are made in Ireland

Popular Master’s program

  • Management: MBA, HRM,MARKETING , Finance, Operations, SCM
  • Engineering: Software Engineering, IT, Networking, Telecommunication, electronics, nanotechnology, VLSI, Microelectronics, integrated circuit, Aeronautical, Mechanical
  • Bio/Pharmacy: Pharmaceutics, Neuro Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biotechnology, regulatory affairs

Universities in Ireland

  1. Trinity College Dublin,the University of Dublin founded in 1592 is the oldest university in Ireland
  2. University College Dublinfounded in 1854 is Ireland’s largest university
  3. National University of Galwaywas established in 1845
  4. University College Corkwas established in 1845
  5. National University of Ireland Maynoothfounded in 1795 is Ireland’s fastest growing university
  6. Dublin City Universitywas established in 1980
  7. University of Limerick was established in 1972

Institutes of technology

There are 13 institutes of technology located throughout the Republic offering programmes at levels 6 to 10 of the NFQ.

  1. Athlone Institute of Technology
  2. Institute of Technology Carlow
  3. Waterford Institute of Technology
  4. Cork Institute of Technology
  5. Dundalk Institute of Technology
  6. Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
  7. Institute of Technology Tralee
  8. Limerick Institute of Technology
  9. Institute of Technology Tallaght
  10. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
  11. Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
  12. Institute of Technology Sligo
  13. Letterkenny Institute of Technology

NUI, National University of Ireland, is a federal university comprising the largest element of the Irish university system at the present time.

  1. Institute of Public Administration
  2. Milltown Institute
  3. National College of Art & Design
  4. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  5. Shannon College of Hotel Management
  6. St Angela’s College

Popular Private Higher Education Colleges in Ireland

  1. Dublin Business School
  2. Griffith College
  3. Hibernia College
  4. IBAT College Dublin



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