Study in Singapore


Study in Singapore

At the same time, through education, every individual can realize his/her full potential to benefit the community, nation, and lead a personally fulfilling life. Over the years, Singapore has evolved from its traditional British-based education system to one that endeavors to meet the needs of individuals and seeks to nurture talents.

Singapore is emerging as a popular destination to study among the international students. In today’s relentlessly innovating global economy, knowledge is not pursued in isolation. It is advanced by the global community of scholars and knowledge workers operating at the forefront of ideas. Singapore emphasizes on all these aspects and provides very productive and competitive education especially in the field of information technology and managements with good value for money by offering internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs.

Singapore known for its vibrancy and numerous tourist destinations, has some of the top universities of the world. Large sum of money is spent on the education by the government. For higher education, large number of overseas students comes to Singapore to enroll themselves in the colleges and universities of Singapore. There are public and government aided universities in Singapore. If you want to pursue higher education, Singapore is the place to be. The facilities and educational environment make the universities and colleges one of the best.

The strength of Singapore’s Education system lies in its bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil) and a broad-based curriculum where innovation and entrepreneurship command a premium. Individuals acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments, equipped for a brighter future.

Singapore’s universities education aspires to prepare students not only for today’s world but also for a world where there will be jobs that have yet to be invented and challenges not yet foreseen.

  • Education in Singapore : A part from enjoying a status of famous shopping and tourism destination, Singapore is also emerging as a place for pursuing higher education. The pro-high technology policy of the government has invited billion of dollars of foreign investment in the fields of biotechnology, IT and research. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is responsible for controlling the development and administration of the school and various government-funded educational institutions. In case of private schools, the MOE plays a crucial supervisory and advisory role. Education mainly revolves around the interests of the students. The teaching and pedagogical system follows a flexible approach that helps the students in developing their potentials and aptitudes.
  • Singapore is one of the best upcoming study destinations for Indian Students. With its offering of world-class universities/colleges and variety of courses, Singapore is fast overtaking destinations such as Australia and New Zealand in terms of Indian Students applications.
  • Colleges and Universities in Singapore : Singapore is the land of the best schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. It is because of this that large number of aspiring students comes to Singapore to pursue their higher educations. National University of Singapore and the Nan yang Technological University are the tow leading public universities in this country. These are also counted among the two most prestigious universities in Asia. The educational institutes have the major objective to impart education of international level and groom the students properly.
  • The universities basically provide undergraduate and post-graduate courses as well as research programmes. In Singapore, there are two full-fledged public universities, namely, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, and two private universities, namely, Singapore Management University and SIM University. Many overseas students are looking forward to Singapore as a destination for pursuing higher studies.
  • International Schools in Singapore : Singapore plays host for many International schools. These schools generally do not give admissions to Singapore students as they are meant for overseas students. If you wish to study in Singapore, do explore the opportunities through these schools.
  • Last but not the least, the education system in Singapore also indulge in and encourage heavily co-curricular activities, performing arts, youth clubs and societies for overall development of personality of the students.
  • Lower Costs than USA and UK : The cost of education for an international student in Singapore is far lower compared to the USA and UK, with no dilution in quality of education. Courses in Singapore start at INR 4 lakhs per year compared to INR 6-10 lakhs for the USA and UK.
  • Earn While Your Learn : An international student in Singapore is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school term, and up to full-time when school is out of term. There are many courses which gives you the permit to work for a couple of years on the student visa. You need to check with the University for such Courses.

Education has always been a key in the growth and development of Singapore society, particularly in the years following 1965 when it became an independent republic. Now in the 21st century, where the knowledge-based economy is the driver in the global community, education has become even more critical in shaping our country’s future.

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