Pre Departure Guidance


Pre Departure Guidance

Pre departure orientation programme to overcome any difficulty overseas. We feel this is one of the most important sessions in the whole process. Prior to landing in the new country of your choice appropriate input is provided to help you migrate, travel & settle abroad. The Pre-departure seminar provides an insight to the various facets of the student life that the students are to witness on a foreign land.

We get the opportunity to share with students about their new destination, new culture they are going to face, about the institute they are enrolling for and also making them aware of Do’s and Don’ts while they settles themselves in totally a new environment. These not only allow them to gain more confidence but also adjust better in the institute and hence give better performance in their respective program of study. Also they get an opportunity to meet other students enrolled at the same Institute.

Some of the points that come in handy in this direction can be summarized as below:

  1. Keep copies of all your documents in different places where they can be easily accessed in an emergency, and keep the originals in your hand luggage. Leave a copy of all of your important documents with someone at home. Never agree to bring a bag or other items to any country from someone else as it may contain something illegal and you will be held accountable for it.
  2. Learn as much as possible about the country and the city to which you are proceeding to study.
  3. Learn the laws of the country since ignorance of the laws is not accepted as a defence, in case there is a violation of any law.
  4. Learn about the climate, especially the winter season and the rainy season so that one is adequately prepared with warm-clothing, rain-gear etc.
  5. Learn about the food habits of the local people and the availability as well as the cost of the foods preferred by the would-be students.
  6. Learn the culture and etiquette of the local people so as to avoid embarrassing situations.



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